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Something happened in Korea recently that got a few people talking.

Last weekend, Yeongwol had its first snow of the season.  (Bet you thought I was going to bring up a certain incident involving a grumpy northerner, didn’t you?)

We looked out the window, and lo and behold, there it was.

For an Australian like Jared, this was a fascinating sight.  For a long-removed Hoosier like me, it brought back mixed memories of cozy fires and excruciating weather-related traffic jams.

Most of it was melted by Monday, when my co-teacher told me to expect much worse.

“January and February is when we really have snow,” she explained.  “I remember last year when it was up to my knees.”

My co-teacher is not a tall woman, but this is still disappointing news.  Fortunately, our trip to Vietnam kicks off in just under one month.  Hopefully we can shake the snow for a while.

As far as North Korea goes, people don’t seem too concerned.  It’s more of a collective, “There he goes again” mentality.  Then we all go back to talking about the weather.

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