No Fear

I got stung by a wasp on the boat this morning.  I think it is important to mention that I have been successfully been avoiding all stinging insects since the age of 5, when I was unjustly attacked on the playground.  But today, there I was, lazing around on the top deck when it happened.  I flung my arm out to the side and immediately felt a sting.  I began hopping around and shouting “Ow Ow Ow,” which was an effective way of handling the situation.  Once I calmed down and pulled out the stinger, I realized that it really wasn t that big of a deal.  For 20+ years I have been afraid of what happened  today, but when all is said and done, I can hardly see the mark on my arm.

The moral of my story is…well, there isn t really one, just to look around before you stick out your arm on a boat.  Also that you can spend your whole life running from something that will only end up getting you anyway, and maybe it s not so bad after all.  The incident reinforced my motto of No Fear.  Which isn t really my motto, but it s a nice idea and makes me feel brave.

I might now mention that I am in an internet cafe in Makarska, on Day 5 of the sail.  I constantly feel a rocking motion, even when I m on land, and can barely remember a time when I wasn t sharing a miniscule room with someone else.  We re docked here for the rest of the afternoon and overnight, so I am seeking shelter from the wicked heat outside.

Every day we turn off the engine for a swim stop, leaping off the top deck into the shockingly salty water, then floating around on lilos for what seems like hours.  Then it is on to the next destination.   Each of the islands we have stopped at have been similar, but still retain their own character.  Makarska has a staggering mountain range as a town backdrop, and tonight we head to a bar in a cave.

There s a bee hovering around me now, but for once I m not cowering in fear.  The sun, however, is a different story.  It s powers to burn are going full force, so I m going to duck out and visit the market stalls by the beach.  Pirate and Sailor party tomorrow night, and I ve got to find some props.

Arrr Mateys.

Captain's hat = instant sailor.

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  1. very proud of you. for those of you who are learning all about lauren through this trip….this is a big deal. bugs + lauren now = love.

  2. Hi Sharky,
    Nice blog.
    If you had to pull the stinger out, it was a regular honey bee. Stingers that stay in the flesh are unique to common bees. In other news, my brain is crammed full of useless trivia like that.
    Slovenia is a strong contender for my favourite country in Europe. Have an awesome time there 🙂

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