Say It Isn’t So

Croatian sunset
Closing time.

I had a reality check today when we pulled into port in Split.

My trip ends in one week.  On Saturday the 16th, I fly home to London.  Six weeks seemed endless, and I am sorry to face the fact that it is not.  The day I left for the sailing trip, I ran into a girl at the hostel who had just returned.  Her comment was that she couldn t believe how quickly it had gone.

On Monday, I thought I had plenty of time.  On Wednesday, there were still a good few days left.  But now it is Friday, I am back in Split for one night, and I disembark tomorrow and join the Eastern Trekker Bohemian Rhapsody tour.

When I left London, I thought that this would probably be my last shot to do something like this, backpack for a six week block.  I thought that at 26, it was time for some stability.  I figured that I d get back, finish my dissertation, get a proper job, and take weeklong vacations for the rest of my life.  Silly Lauren.  I should have known that could never be the case.

I ve met plenty of travellers who are older than me and who have job commitments.  It s never as difficult as it seems, just takes some planning.  I am sure my backpack will be seeing some more action over the next few years, and I ve been flipping through the Busabout brochure again.  Egypt is sounding really good right about now…

The number one thing to keep in mind about travel is that when you cross one destination off the list, you had better be prepared to add at least three more.  And the best part about going home is figuring out where to go next.

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