Lazing Around Lima With Roomorama

At the beginning of the year, Roomorama contacted me with a tempting offer – free credit for their accommodation service in exchange for a review.

I held tightly to that credit, and finally hit on the perfect place to use it: Lima, Peru.

Lima, Peru
Lima’s main plaza.

We’d been sleeping in hostels for two months, and it was wearing thin. I missed our apartment in Korea. I missed our apartment in Buenos Aires. I wondered why we didn’t rent more apartments. And I remembered Roomorama.

Roomorama is an online service that connects people who want rental accommodation with people who can provide that accommodation. Options include hotels, B&Bs, and apartments. I was hoping for an apartment, but a nice little bed & breakfast caught my eye.

Here’s the process:

1. Use the Roomorama search engine to customize your search according to dates, location, price range and more.

2. Make an inquiry: You contact the owner via an email form to confirm the property’s availability.

3. Make a secure online payment using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal.

4. Receive your payment code: You will get a six-digit code to give your host when you check-in. They use this code to obtain your payment.

5. Complete a ‘Guest Agreement Form,’ an extra security measure to ensure your identity. You must submit an online or faxed copy of your ID.

Common room, Pullcana Lodge
The cushy common room in the Pucllana Lodge.

We booked a B&B in the Miraflores neighborhood of Lima, which I was really happy with. Due to overbooking, we were actually moved to a different property – the Pucllana Lodge. This had nothing to do with Roomorama, but I was a little disappointed to miss out on the first place, because I’d read that they had a generous breakfast.

I take breakfast very seriously.

But outside of that, it worked out great. The room was large and clean, the water was hot, breakfast decent and the staff were extremely helpful. I ended up getting a wretched case of food poisoning (source unknown) so I was extra-grateful to have a comfortable room where I could be an invalid.

Roomorama Bedroom
I spent most of my time in Lima sleeping, so this worked out great.

So how did I rate the Roomorama process?


  • Online booking is easy.
  • When my host didn’t respond to my inquiry, Roomorama prompted them and sped up the process.
  • ‘Express booking’ is available for some properties, which cuts out the inquiry stage.
  • You can always access the details of your bookings online with your Roomorama account.
  • Access to a wider range of accommodation than the ‘norm’ – hostels and hotels.


  • There was a $10 booking fee for using Roomorama. I think this is fair in terms of apartment rentals, but in the future, I’d book a B&B or hotel directly with the property to avoid this charge.
  • The Guest Agreement Form felt like an extra complication. It’s for the safety of the guests, but if I hadn’t happened to have a scanned copy of my passport, I’m not sure how I would have completed this step.
  • There were a few kinks to work out when it came to using my credit – I ended up paying, then receiving a refund, which meant that the host (Pucllana Lodge) couldn’t retrieve their payment. However, the Roomorama team was quick to respond and resolve the issue. I presume this would not come up during a normal transaction.
Cooking in Lima
Jared uses the kitchen facilities in the Pucllana Lodge.

Overall, I was pleased with our Roomorama experience. Even though we didn’t choose an apartment, we got a cozy little B&B in a fantastic neighborhood that allowed us a few nights that felt like home. The Roomorama team was helpful whenever we needed it, although it can be frustrating to deal with a middleman when you need answers immediately. As stated, I’d happily use Roomorama again to rent an apartment.

Disclaimer: My stay in the Pucllana Lodge was sponsored by Roomorama, but all opinions are entirely my own.

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