Wednesday Updates 6.5.19: What She’s Doing Now

Here we are again! Looks like I’m going to start every one of these by expressing my disbelief that another week has passed.

CSA Pickups

Our farm share pickups officially kicked off last Thursday, though we got a bonus pickup the week before. So far it’s been lots of lettuce, braising greens, arugula, and radishes. The farm turns pickups into an event, with wood-fired pizzas and wine, encouraging people to walk around and check out the fields. “After all, it’s your farm, too,” the farmer said.

Farmshare CSA Colorado
Weighing out the arugula.

This week’s batch of food included catmint, which we were told makes a nice tea. My internet research revealed that it is a member of the catnip family but—and this is the important part—it’s not actually catnip. It does have a distinct grassy taste, and I can’t say it’s a new favorite.

Hemp Oil

Speaking of grass, I popped a hemp oil tablet yesterday. It was in part to see if it would help my pesky hip pain, but mostly to see what would happen. For the next hour I could feel the tablet casing sliding slowly down my esophagus while I got extremely tired; neither was a particularly pleasant sensation.

I’m still not clear on the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil, but both are easy to get in Colorado (no surprises there). I believe they contain minimal amounts of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, but not enough to have an effect. I got the hemp oil samples at an Earth Day festival but I don’t think I’ll be making it a regular thing.

20 Years Since LNHS

High school graduation 1999.
That girl on the left had no clue what her future held, but I think she’d be happy about it.

Next week is my 20 YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION. On June 1st I had the jarring realization that I had graduated 20 years ago that very day. I went looking for some graduation photos and found the 1999 yearbook online, where I read my senior quote; it’s so cringey that I can’t even bring myself to write it here.

Ugh, okay, I will.

“Where were you when you wrote ‘best friends forever’ in your high school yearbooks? Where will you be when you realize how hard a promise that is to keep?”

What does that even mean?? It sounds like something Eeyore would have written in his yearbook. Let’s agree to never talk about it again.

Anyway, the reunion is in Indy on a Friday; I’m not going but it will take me at least until then to accept that it really has been 20 years.

Garth Brooks

I spent several years as a teenager disparaging country music. “All they sing about are boots, trucks, and dogs,” I said, while celebrating the lyrical genius of *NSYNC. Then one day I changed my tune and there I was, watching CMT and meeting the Dixie Chicks at the Indiana State Fair.

Maybe it’s a product of growing up in Indiana and hearing ‘Friends in Low Places’ at every. single. event. (uh, yeah, I know the third verse), but I’m always down with Garth Brooks. When I heard he was coming to Denver on June 8th, I snapped up tickets and now the day is nearly here.

He hasn’t said so out loud, but I get the sense that Jared is super excited.

Unwanted White Beanies

Last week I mentioned that I blew up a photo of Uluru, only to find that there were people in it. Here’s that image, where you can clearly see white beanie man and his crowd.

At least Uluru looks fantastic.

I’m still so annoyed! Life lesson for the week: don’t overlook the details.

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  1. just here to say that you have not aged since high school, are you a sorceress? and I am also curious about CBD since I haven’t partaken and I figure, while in Colorado…

    1. Shh don’t give away my witchy secrets!! And I feel like I’m not doing CBD right so I will probably have another go (perhaps with actual CBD as opposed to hemp this time).

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