The Write Stuff: A Return to Blogging

I feel like it’s time to do some blog housekeeping. What have I been doing besides visiting the US? Is this still a travel blog now that I’m all married and mortgaged up? What’s the deal with the loooong lag between posts? How about that book?

For the past two years my motivation to write has been dwindling. My posts either felt like emotional diatribes or word dumps, just to get a post out. If pressed, I’d say that writing was my passion but I didn’t feel passionate about it. Although I finished the first draft of my travel memoir in 2013, I have been dragging my feet about taking the next step. The book wasn’t good enough – I wanted it to be perfect before I attempted to pitch it to agents or publishers.

The Grain Store
The best way to write. At the Grain Store in Newcastle.

Well, screw that. I finally realized that if I never attempted to get the book out to readers, I was never going to be able to move on and create something new. Two revised drafts later, I’m in the process of putting together a proposal and intend to start querying agents in September. And you know what? My interest in writing has been coming out of hibernation.

As part of my efforts to breathe some life back into this poor blog, I’ve joined Instagram and even Snapchat, both of which I’m surprised to say I’m really enjoying. I definitely appreciate the vanishing nature of Snapchat – let’s just say that my inherent weirdness tendency to speak before I think has quickly become evident in my snap stories. You can find me @laurenvfitz on both platforms. Come say hi!

@laurenvfitz Snapchat
Selfie as you intend to go on: @laurenvfitz

Now. Let’s talk about travel.

I live in a pretty great place. Newcastle is beautiful, with a booming creative scene, diverse foodie spots, and craft beer galore, but sometimes I forget what it has to offer because I live here. Every week I run or ride my bike from my house to the marina, along the harbour, and to the beach. It is normal, which, when I stop to think about it, is mind-blowing.

Sunset over Newcastle NSW
One of Newcastle’s signature firey sunsets.

All of this, of course, does not fully scratch my travel itch. In 6 weeks, Jared and I are flying to Slovenia, a short trip book-ended by 24 hours in Bangkok each way. (So! Excited!) I was hoping to duck out to other parts of Europe while we’re in the neighborhood, but we decided to take it easy and stick to Lake Bled (where a friend is getting married), Postojna Cave/Predjama Castle, and Ljubljana. Some day I will learn to spell that without the assistance of Google.

So, if you have tips on Slovenia – or if you happen to be there for a beer between the 5th-9th October – let me know.

The trip is a short one (less than 2 weeks) because, alas, Jared and I work full time. I have reservations (serious ones) about working a desk job from 8.30am-5pm, 5 days a week – but I do like where I work. Fun people, a university campus environment, and the element of travel do not come by every day. I work in marketing for an international education provider, and my markets include Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Word on the street is that I may find myself back in Vietnam come October, but I’m waiting on confirmation.

My parents are coming to Australia on Christmas Day, and they’ll stay for 3 weeks. That leaves me just enough time to perfect my pavlova recipe (or, you know, find one) before they arrive. It’s rare that my family and friends are able to make it out to Australia, so suffice it to say I’m pretty excited.

After that? Well…you don’t expect two travelers to be content in one place forever, do you? 😉

Newcastle NSW beaches panoramic

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  1. You’re Baaaccccck!!! Great post!
    So good to see you at Megan’s wedding – both you and Jared looking great and happy – only sorry we didn’t get a chance to really visit! 🙁

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