Sunday Shift: 06.16.19

On the move.

The streak has been broken, but for good reason. I started a new job this week! So, Wednesday updates are moving to Sunday.

She Works Hard for the Money

I’m working as a marketing coordinator with an ad management company, a really exciting change. It’s a remote position, but between Zoom meetings and active Slack channels, isn’t nearly as isolating as freelancing can be.

I find that the freedom of freelancing is an illusion—you’re always hustling for more work and it’s very hard to switch off. Then there are the extras to figure out: self-employment taxes, deductions, insurance, invoicing; I could easily get derailed by my thoughts about freelancing, but I’ll pull back for now.

Anyway, so far, so good! The work is interesting, the people are great, and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.

This Is How We Roll

Jared’s Schwinn. My bike isn’t pictured; I’m too busy riding it.

We bought bikes! Thanks to Craigslist, I’m now cruising around on a green GT Slipstream while Jared rocks a shiny red Schwinn. They’re in good shpae but pretty retro—the other day a man yelled out ‘nice bikes!’ as we rode past.

Having a bike makes me feel like a teenager who just got her driver’s license. There’s something about pedalling through a field, sun shining over the mountains, that makes me feel totally free (and, despite how it sounds, not at all like an actress in a tampon commercial).

Credit Card Update

I caved and got the Chase Sapphire Reserve. It arrived this week and I immediately applied for Global Entry, the cost of which ($100) was credited to my account within 24 hours.

The next purchase I made was a salad spinner, which I’ve been coveting for weeks. Jared cannot understand why I would spend money on such a gadget but I am confident it will pay for itself.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on the cost/benefit ratio over the next year to see if this much-hyped card really is worth its weight in (very hefty) metal.


Garth was everything I hoped it would be, of course. He sang all of the hits, with more energy than I have on my best days. Everyone was pumped to be there, especially the couple next to us—they were parents to ten(!) children and don’t have many opportunities to get out.

We sat at the back of the stadium, in the front row of the second tier. Each audience member in the balcony above us wore an electronic bracelet, remote controlled to create a choreographed light show. At first I thought the lights came from phones, but there was no mistaking the brilliant and intentional rainbow Pride flag that shone during ‘We Shall Be Free.’

This made me tear up.

Garth ended with a bold claim, shouting to the 84,000 screaming fans that “This is probably the greatest night of my frickin’ career.”

I believed him.

Also, a tip—we used Parking Panda to reserve covered parking downtown on the night of the concert. It only cost $4 for a 12-hour window, and we avoided the stress of finding parking. Highly recommend.

Help Wanted: Mexico and Central America

Trip planning is underway, but we’ve got so little experience with this region that it’s hard to pin down a location. Right now frontrunners include the Yucatán Peninsula (Tulum/Chichén Itzá/Belize), Oaxaca, and Costa Rica. We’re earmarking the last week of October, and are not looking for a resort stay. Surf would be nice, but not a must, though good food is non-negotiable.

If you have any recommendations I would love to hear them.

Best Believe I Punched Keanu Reeves

If you’ve seen ‘Always Be My Maybe’ you’ll know what I’m talking about. We watched it last night and I have been joyfully singing this line in my head all day.

Until next Sunday!

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    1. Hahaha I know you are going to be in Jared’s camp on this one — it’s like a colander in a bowl with a crank on top so you can wash salad leaves and spin them dry…the more I try to explain it the more ridiculous it sounds.

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