Save the Date

I hear a lot of EPIK teachers venting frustration about how they never find out about events until the last minute. This is due to language barriers and our low position on the school totem pole.

Consequently, whenever my co-teacher gives me any advance notice, I am effusively grateful.

Today, she told me about a ‘special dinner’ that is happening tomorrow night, after the school arts show.

This 24-hour notice is roughly equivalent to a week’s notice in the US.  She may as well have given me a ‘Save the date’ card.

So, imagine my surprise and happiness when she sat down with me yesterday and went over our schedule for the next four months.  I now have a basic understanding of what is happening until March 2nd, the start of the new school year.  My co-teacher is awesome like that.

What I took from the conversation was the following:

I will be working very little from January until March.  Three weeks of vacation, followed by a week of free talking classes, followed by a three-day holiday for the Lunar New Year.  This is followed by a few more weeks of free talking, capped off with a holiday on March 1st, just before commencing the new year on Wednesday, March 2nd.

So Jared and I booked our tickets to Vietnam last night.  Looks like our monster copy of ‘Southeast Asia on a Shoestring’ is about to prove its worth.

That’s right, I live in a town this beautiful and I’m planning holidays to somewhere else.

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