Just a Bunch of Photos of Quokkas

baby quokka sits

Everybody could use a little more quokka in their life, so I’ve put together this post for you.

Quokkas are marsupials about the size of a domestic cat. They’re fairly ordinary little animals, vaguely rat-like in appearance, except for one standout feature: the cutest smile you ever did see.

It’s that smile and the animals’ curious nature that keeps people coming to Rottnest Island in search of a quokka selfie. You’re not supposed to touch them (though I did spot a little boy stroking one, much to his mother’s horror) and you can be fined for doing so.

Quokkas are protected on Western Australia’s Rottnest Island, and they’re considered to be a vulnerable species. Heaps of them congregate around the shopping area near Thompson Bay, especially near the bakery. It’s tempting, but don’t feed the quokkas! They’ve got plenty of leaves to get fat on.

All right, that’s enough rambling. Here’s what you came for:

Quokka eats leaf
Look at those tiny hands!!
Baby quokka hops
Hip hop, the hippie, the hippie to the hip hip hop and you don’t stop.
Baby Quokka with a leaf
Baby quokka presents his leaf
quokka snacks
Baby quokka eats his leaf
photograph with a quokka
Insane human interrupts snack time for a selfie
selfie with quokka
F%$# off human
Taking pictures of quokkas
Mum’s turn for a photo shoot
hanging out with quokkas
Mum please make her leave I am trying to eat
sitting with baby quokka
At least this guy doesn’t have a camera
selfie with quokka
Quokka on the road
No public cars on Rottnest, though quokkas do have to watch for cyclists.
quokka smiles

Going to see the quokkas?

  • Ferries run from Perth to Rottnest Island, and the trip takes about half an hour.
  • Turn right once you get on the island for an immediate glimpse of the quokkas; they hang out on the main street looking for food.
  • DON’T feed them!!
  • Hands off the quokkas. Let them come to you, snap a few pics, and be on your merry way.
  • Rottnest Island is more than just quokkas! It’s gorgeous and definitely worth a full day trip or longer.


Quokka selfie Pin
Just a bunch of photos of quokkas

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