In Bruges

It started innocently enough – sitting around, talking in the bar at Snuffel Hostel.

Then we got the brilliant idea to see Bruges by night.

Which led to this:

Then we saw the locals doing this:

Which looked like fun, so we started doing this:

And this:

And even some of this:

And a good time was had by all.

Thanks to the mysterious Belgian bar for playing such crowd pleasers as ‘Summer of ’69,’ ‘Ice Ice Baby,’ and ‘Bitch,’ and to the bar staff for looking after our bags as we tore up the dance floor.  Thanks are also due to the locals for accepting our ridiculous moves and unnecessary singing.  Apologies to the man who was doing a wild pee in the street, and me trying to fine him 152 euro for indecent behaviour.  Apologies also for the accidental destruction of a random flowerpot.

Thank you Bruges, and good night.

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  1. I hope you hired a bike and went for a ride to the beach in Bruges.
    In Amsterdam for a laugh you must go to a show and the sex museum. Also if your going to check out Anne Franks house do it early in the morning (Less Crowds)
    The Heniken Beer Factory is a very cool tour!

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