Break Me Off a Piece of Intestine, Will You?

Blog neglect excuse:  I’ve been in Mongolia.

Saying that feels like I’m a real adventurer or something.  Like I didn’t spend most of the last 14 days dreaming about hamburgers, killing spiders with my flip flop, scrubbing my body with sanitary wipes, lamenting about the lack of running water or peeking through my fingers to see a sheep being butchered (because, actually, it’s kind of interesting).

Mongolian breakfast
 It’s gross, but interesting.

There were a few clear themes to our Mongolian trip.  They were:

Lun Squat1. Bowel Movements

2. Cravings for food that was not derived from sheep.

3. When and where our next shower would come from.

I guess you could say we were living in the moment.  It was invigorating.  I did all kinds of things that I’d never done before, including:

1. Witnessing animal slaughter

2. Executing not one, but TWO, squat poos

3. Laundering clothes in lake water

4. Riding horses to a volcano

5. Slumbering in a ger

6. Burning dung for warmth

And that’s just the short list.

Things are happening back in Korea – an apartment move, new website launch (more on that later), 30th birthday, and, most imminently, the need to vanquish this mosquito that is buzzing around my ear in the dark.

Stay tuned.

Is that…a goat being blowtorched?  Yes, yes it is.

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