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I’m back.

I don’t know what to think.  It’s kind of like crashing into an alternate universe that seems vaguely familiar.  Suddenly there are all kinds of things to deal with:  dissertations, moving house, work…yet all I can think about is Croatia, Austria, coach journeys and multiple foreign languages.  I bought a sandwich at the airport in London and had a quick rifle through my brain to figure out the correct way of saying ‘Thank you.’  Then I remembered – ‘Thank you.’    It was kind of disappointing, because I was ready to give Danke Schoen, Hvala, Merci, or Grazie.

Since I am currently between houses, I have no internet connection and so have snuck into a posh local pub here in Teddington.  The fact that I still wear whatever is at the top of my bag (cropped trousers, flip flops and a hoodie) didn’t seem to impress the barman, but he let me in.  Tomorrow afternoon I’ll head to the Kingston University library for some free wireless, so you can check back for photos from the Eastern Trekker and more updates on the last few days.

Ugh. I wish I could apparate.

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