And Then it All Happened at Once

Do you want to know how to turn your world upside down?

BeachI’ll tell you.

Write a blog post saying ‘not much‘ is new, about how your life is puttering along while you have, and I quote, a “weird sense that something is about to happen.”

Sit back and wait about 48 hours while the lid blows off your predictable routine. Churn through the next six weeks, frantically trying to grab bits of your sanity as it flies unbidden out the window.

That’s how.

Since I wrote that blog post, my life has shed its skin, revealing the next layer. It started with work – after months of silence, my phone started ringing with interview requests. I was invited to interview for a writing internship I’d applied for in December. I got a part-time job, a new local freelance client and the internship. Meanwhile, Jared had a six-stage interview process for a new job (which he subsequently got). In the midst of that, I found out that I need a Lletz procedure and scored a long-awaited appointment for some genetic testing (the two are unrelated to each other and neither is anything to worry about).

Just when I thought things were settling down, we got a letter stating that we have to be out of our lovely little apartment in 90 days, making our ‘after the wedding’ plans of maybe-thinking-about buying property more like ‘in 90 days.’

Then, one Saturday morning, I got an email out of the blue that I’d been granted my visaI’m now a permanent resident of Australia.

And before I had time to process the changes, they had already happened. I was living them. It’s like I unwittingly wound up on the carriage that detaches from the rest of the train, sent away on a different track without warning, one that was going to a wet season when I’d packed for dry.

But I have learned enough to understand that after a period of upheaval comes adjustment, then calm, then routine. And then it cycles through again.

So I’m grateful for the change, as manic as it may seem right now, because it is what I wanted, what I craved after months of waiting and not knowing and growing antsy for something to happen.

That weird sense that something was going to happen?

It was right.

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  1. I’m so glad everything worked out and congratulations on your writing internship! Funny thing – I just got married last year and read APW religiously (and still do because that place is full of amazing advice.) Good luck on your internship – I’m looking forward to reading your writing here and there!


    1. Thanks, Melissa – I am only now starting to relax into it all. I’ve been reading APW for about a year and will definitely continue to read it well after our September wedding. Of all of the things that happened, the internship is the one I think I’m most excited about (oddly, much more than the paid work that is now coming my way)!

  2. I’m happy that things are changing for the better!

    I’m actually a reader from APW! Read your first post, loved it, followed you over here, and now following your blog! I luvvvvv travel blogs with personality 🙂

    1. Welcome! I’m so glad you came over. Hoping so hard that I’ll be able to post more on this blog now that things are starting to settle back down!

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