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Going Swiss in New Glarus, Wisconsin

Thirty minutes before I left the office for the airport to catch our flight to the US, I dropped my iPhone in the toilet. I always wonder how people manage to do something so ridiculous, but now I know – one second, it was in the back pocket of my jeans, the next, it was […]

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Chicago skyline

An Electric Boat Ride in Chicago

Both of my parents turned 60 this year, which coincided with the rare occasion of the whole family being in the same postcode at the same time. To celebrate, my (newly married!) sister snapped up a $99 Groupon for the Chicago Electric Boat Company. For two hours, our group of seven could cruise the Chicago […]

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Remembering Vacations

I’m not sure when the word ‘vacation’ was replaced by ‘travel,’ or why it needed to be. Because for 21 years, I took vacations, and they were awesome. Exhibit A, “Vacation”: Exhibit B, “Travel”: Most summers we loaded up the van the night before, anticipating a four AM start to the vacation. “I’m going to […]

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Re-discovering My Childhood in St. Augustine

I was a nerdy kid. What am I talking about? I’m still a nerd. As I get older, I’ve really come to embrace my inner nerd. It’s sort of comforting to know that, given a square of paper, I can still fold up a book or a cup. Because you know what? I had a […]

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The Worst Karaoke Song Ever

My cousin Sarah, a Florida native, has lived in New York City for 9 years. I trust her judgement. So after a rousing Mexican feast at Blockhead’s on the upper west side, she suggested that we hit a local dive bar and I readily agreed. “It’s kind of a weird mix of locals, travelers, and […]

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Do You Re-Visit Destinations?

When I was a kid, there was pretty much one place we went to every year for vacation: Florida. Between visiting my mom’s family in St. Augustine and charging down I-95 towards Disney World nearly every summer, I felt like Florida was my second home. Going back to a familiar place was comforting. I knew […]

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