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Jetty Moonta

The Breaking Point

In the end, it wasn’t an ant invasion that broke me. It wasn’t the unseasonably cool weather, the cost of fuel, or the tiny scorpion I found crawling up my arm. It was the extension cord.

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You Have to Go to the Flinders

Practically under threat of death, we made an obligatory stop at South Australia’s magnificent Flinders Ranges.

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Back on the Road: Adelaide to Melrose

If you have never heard a screeching galah, it sounds like this SKREEEBLAARREEBLA.

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Autumn leaves

Adventures in Adelaide Supermarkets

The world’s best supermarket is one kilometer from my work. This isn’t hyperbole; the Frewville Foodland has received the International Retailer of the Year Excellence Award at the IGA Conference for two years running, and the local media has interpreted that as ‘world’s best.’ I finally visited last week, and was predictably overwhelmed. It is […]

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On Hiatus: Six Months in Adelaide

In late December I spotted an ad for a communications job with a South Australian government agency. The job was three days a week so I could balance it with writing, and the description closely mirrored what I did in Newcastle. Then I saw the length of the contract: it went until the end of […]

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Seven Months On the Road in Australia

It has been seven months since we started this trip, and even though we’ve covered 12,000km I still feel like we’re just getting started. We have traveled from Newcastle to far north Queensland and back, then hugged the NSW south coast through to Victoria, across to Tassie, and up to Adelaide, which is where we […]

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