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Paid in Full

My Number One Piece of Advice for Young Travelers

I’m going to jump on the ‘Independence Day’ theme for today’s post, because, as cheesy as it sounds, I had my own little Independence Day last week. On Tuesday, I clicked ‘submit’ on my very last student loan payment EVER. On Friday, I got an e-mail that it had cleared. I am now officially debt-free. […]

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My Financial Crisis

There is only one thing that has ever threatened to stand in the way of my traveling lifestyle. Debt. I was once in serious, up-to-my-eyeballs-for-no-good-reason, painful, crippling, grounding debt. And I don’t usually talk about it because, well, it’s embarrassing. How does a seemingly level-headed college graduate get herself into $40,000 worth of debt? I’ll […]

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Studying Abroad: Is It Worth It?

I missed the boat when it came to studying abroad. Sensible people take a semester during their university years, go to Florence or Seville, or, I don’t know, Canada, and have the time of their lives. (No offense, Canada.) But it wasn’t on my radar. Instead, I went to Cancun for spring break and wondered […]

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