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Visiting Yangon’s Shwe Dagon Pagoda

I was going to call this post “Getting Sweaty at the Shwe Dagon Pagoda” because that’s what I did, but I couldn’t bring myself to hit publish on that title. In an effort to ‘err on the side of conservative dress’ as the website suggested, I wore a long sleeveless dress and covered my shoulders […]

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The Story of the Tiny T-shirt from Myanmar

Jared has this theory that I shrink his shirts. It’s misguided; for one, we don’t use a dryer and two, we both do the laundry. My theory is that some of his shirts must be defective, but I guess neither of us has concrete proof. To be fair, this shirt of his was a normal […]

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Memories of Myanmar and the Speed at Which Time Flies

As I write this I am sitting on a chair in the corner of my Newcastle living room. Everything here looks the same so I am weirded out that I just sped through Southeast Asia: 10 flights, 8 days, 5 cities, 4 countries. The only physical indication that I took this trip is my lingering […]

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