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Mongolicious Mutton: The Real Mongolian Barbecue

I’m not sure who came up with the restaurant chain BD’s Mongolian Grill, but I’m willing to bet that they’d never eaten a meal in Mongolia. Because if they had, the menu would NOT contain items like this: Pad Thai Mongolicious Beef Fajitas And DEFINITELY not: Firecracker Shrimp In fact, there wouldn’t be a menu […]

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The White Lake

Mongolian Essentials

If you go to Mongolia, experienced travelers will probably tell you to pack jeans for horseback riding, a camera, warm clothes for nighttime, a lighter to start your dung fire and sunscreen for your desert camel rides. Helpful? Sure. But essential? Here are the true Mongolian essentials. Wet Wipes There were five of us on […]

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Camels on the Mongolian dunes

Break Me Off a Piece of Intestine, Will You?

Blog neglect excuse:  I’ve been in Mongolia. Saying that feels like I’m a real adventurer or something.  Like I didn’t spend most of the last 14 days dreaming about hamburgers, killing spiders with my flip flop, scrubbing my body with sanitary wipes, lamenting about the lack of running water or peeking through my fingers to […]

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