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The Tragedy of King Danjong

I’m willing to bet that most of you have never heard of King Danjong. Well, settle in, because his story’s a good one. It’s a lot like The Lion King, but without the happy ending. Danjong’s sickly father, King Munjong, died in 1452 when Danjong was only twelve. It was generally agreed that twelve was […]

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Get Out Your Earplugs, It’s Election Season In Korea

It’s election season in Korea, which means one thing: You are no longer safe in your own home. Safe from violence, sure. Safe from danger, yes. But safe from noise pollution? Not a chance. From the minute the campaigns officially kicked off last week, Yeongwol has been aurally assaulted. Actually, I’ll back up. To an […]

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Anatomy of a Teacher Dinner

The teacher dinner. If you teach English at a public school in Korea, there’s no avoiding it. Truthfully, I dread these dinners. I never know if they’re going to go for one hour or three. Most of the time I don’t even know that they’re happening until the morning of the event. Dinners are solitary […]

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Ship in the sky

Korea’s Weirdest Beach

When Jared’s parents visited over the summer, we wanted to take them to the beach. It couldn’t be just any beach, because they’re from Australia – pretty tough competition in the beach department. By a stroke of good luck (and google), I discovered Jeongdongjin. I knew it was the place for us when I saw […]

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Shoes Off in Korea

Getting Used to Korea

It’s been nearly 13 months since we arrived in Korea. I can use chopsticks like a pro (or at least a semi-pro) and kimchi is just another side dish. It’s funny the things you get used to without noticing it.   Bowing Traditionally, Koreans don’t wave. They bow. This was not comfortable for me. To […]

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Frog Humidifier

Running Errands

I picked up a little something at the DC Mart over the weekend. This is him: It may be hard to believe, but at 33,000 won ($35) this awesome humidifier was the best value on the whole shelf. It took me a minute to figure out why, but I think I got it. Maybe most […]

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