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Finding My Christmas Spirit

The first indication that I was not as prepared for the holidays as I thought came with the delivery of my parents’ Christmas present. I sent my mom a message: Did you get the package? What package? The tracking information claimed that the package had been left at the doorstep at 5PM last Saturday. How […]

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Expat Thanksgiving: Finally Nailed It

This year I didn’t even pretend I was going to cook Thanksgiving dinner. The idea crossed my mind, I looked at our modest kitchen, and thought Heck no. But I still couldn’t bear the thought of letting it pass by unacknowledged. “You’ve got to keep your traditions,” people have told me. “They’re still important.” Are […]

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Going Beyond the History Books in Gallipoli

When I was sixteen, my family went to France. In Normandy, my dad plotted out the sites of historical significance while my sisters and I clambered onto an old cannon and posed, Brady Bunch-style, like the trio of insensitive teenagers we were. My dad shook his head and declared that one day, he was going […]

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Another Roadside Attraction at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show

The Sydney Royal Easter Show brings Australia’s country smack dab to the heart of its largest city. For two weeks of every year since 1823, cows, trucks, crafts, rides, food, and people have converged on the showgrounds at Sydney’s Olympic Park for a finger-lickin’ good time. And I was one of them, except I wasn’t […]

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Thanksgiving Australia

Thanksgiving: It’s Not About The Food

For the past 30 years, I thought Thanksgiving was about the food. Consequently, every year that I’m out of the US, I make an ill-fated attempt to re-create my favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Since 2003, that’s eight out of nine Thanksgivings spent as an expat. I have learned the following: You can’t make your own French’s […]

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Yes, Virginia, there is a Christmas

I get a lot of questions about South Korea, particularly in light of all of the bad press that’s been flying around recently. Questions like, “Do they celebrate Christmas there?”  are valid.  Questions like, “Do they celebrate the fourth of July?”  are not. I decided to return to my blog and address some of these […]

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