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Volksfest: Hassle-free fun

Now writing from beautiful Edinburgh, but more on that tomorrow – first I wanted to catch up on Stuttgart’s Volksfest.  This is the second-largest beerfest in the world, attracting 4 million visitors to Munich’s 7 million.  The main perk of this is that you avoid the blood, sweat and tears associated with getting into an […]

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Second breakfast.


Saturday.  Final weekend of Oktoberfest. 7:00:  My alarm beeps and I wake up to the pitch darkness of Room 104 in Wombats.  I can hear the five other girls stirring, all reluctant to leave our warm beds for the bitter cold of Munich. 7:30:  Stumble down to breakfast and stock up on meat and cheese […]

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Ein Prosit

The flight to Stuttgart was over before it began, mostly because I slept peacefully the whole way.  As soon as we walked through the arrivals gate, the Busabout group was met by Andy and Cherie, our guides for the weekend, outfitted in lederhosen (for the men) and a dirndl (for the women). It was a […]

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Casual Nudity

Germany = Nude sunbathing. So, when in Rome… Not really. My Western sensibilities didn’t allow me to participate in the casual nudity that was happening all over the English Gardens this morning. As it was, I felt like a shimmering beacon of paleness in the midst of all the browned, potbellied bodies dotting the grass. […]

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Tearing Down the Wall

I’ve just been through two days of the most intensive history lesson I’ve ever had in my life. Berlin is a city with more in its past than any city where I come from, and it’s an exhausting, rewarding place to visit. When the bus first rolled into Berlin and stopped outside of the CityStay […]

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