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Luna Park

So We Went to Melbourne

My mom asked me what we were going to do in Melbourne, and I realized that we hadn’t really made much of a plan. “I don’t know,” I said. “Eat, probably.” We stayed on Lygon Street, a strip of touristy restaurants, aka Little Italy, just north of the CBD. Also, everyone I mentioned Melbourne to […]

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And Sometimes It’s The Chef

In the kitchen, I’m a recipe kind of girl. It’s like math – follow the recipe, get the result. Maybe not the result you wanted, but there will be a result. I had this idea for a YouTube series where I’d make a recipe – not even a complicated one – and the viewers and […]

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Sampling Summer in the Hunter Valley

Summer is coming. summersummersummersummer Translation: I’m excited. There are all sorts of activities that are better in summer than they are in winter, except maybe snowboarding but I’d say summer still has the overall edge. A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the warm weather by taking a wine tour of the Hunter Valley. The […]

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Five Countries That Make Me Hungry

Today we’re talking about food. It goes along with marathon training, because the more I run, the more I need to eat. And since I’ll never be running another marathon again, I feel that I need to take full advantage of this time and eat my heart out. Once upon a time, I wasn’t very […]

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Chocolate, Amazon-Style

Lately I’ve been really interested in finding out where my food comes from. It’s really sinking in how much I don’t know about what I eat, and it kind of freaks me out. During our stay in the Amazon, Jared and I had the opportunity to make chocolate from scratch – to see exactly how […]

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Recharging in Huanchaco

I have a confession to make: I don’t think I’m cut out for ongoing travel. It’s hard. Wah-wah, I’m traveling through South America and it’s wearing me down. Okay, hard is probably the wrong word. It’s exhausting. I remember now why I like to travel expat-style, using one place as a base to explore the […]

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