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Bar Beach

2014: A Year of Milestones

Right now I’m sitting in our hammock, soaking up the breeze on a sweltering hot day. It’s the last day of holidays; tomorrow I return to work. Day 4 of 2015 and this new year is finally sinking in. But first, I need to close off last year. This was the year I became a […]

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Varanasi, India

Lessons About Love From India

Last week I had an idea. I would write a post called “What Travel Taught Me About Love.” Not just romantic love, but all kinds of love. It would be enlightening and speak to everyone’s soul (including yours). Then I sat down to write it, and I couldn’t come up with anything. The more I […]

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The Fastest Year of My Life

This is the kind of statement that always makes me roll my eyes internally, but here goes: 2013 felt like the fastest year of my life. I get it now, why people say stuff like that. One minute Jared and I were in the US, trying to figure out what to do with ourselves, and […]

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Scratching an Itchy Soul

Let me preface this post by saying that I love our apartment. I love having an oven and a closet. Walking to the beach. Speaking English. Not being stared at. But it’s happening again. The itch. Only this time, it’s a little bit different. It started after my mom came for a spontaneous visit. We […]

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Changing My Mind About Marathons

Some of you might remember this post, when I declared to all and sundry that I would not, ever, be running a marathon. The act of running a half-marathon was enough. More than enough, even. Despite the fact that I actually kind of enjoyed parts of it, and that I completed it, and that, eventually, […]

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Learning to Drive

Jared and I bought a Volkswagen Golf last month. To my great relief, it’s an automatic. Embarrassingly, I can’t drive a manual. There was an unfortunate incident when I was 17 involving me, my dad’s truck and my Grandma’s barn, and ever since then, I’ve been wary of manual vehicles. Jared’s mom is teaching me, […]

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