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The Unconventional Cubicles of a New Zealand Working Holiday

This might come as a surprise to some readers, but during 2006 & 2007 I spent a year working in New Zealand. I say this because sometimes even I forget that I lived in New Zealand. Sorry, New Zealand. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy myself – it just feels like it happened in another […]

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On the beach

Jill of All Trades

Australia taught me what it means to be a working holidaymaker. The country is practically designed for backpackers; sun, beaches, beer, friendly locals and work available everywhere – as long as you’re not too picky. It’s the only country I’ve lived in where I’ve never signed a lease, spending nearly a year as a long-term […]

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Aran Islands

The One That Got Away

I applied for my dream job in December of 2006. The advertisement went something like this: “Are you enthusiastic about the prospect of adventure? Do you love animals? Are you ready to scuba dive in Arctic waters and trek through Amazonian rainforests? Do you have a great sense of humor and are you between the […]

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Hitting Rock Bottom

Walking down Queen Street in Auckland one day, I saw a man wearing a hairy gorilla suit. He was sitting on the sidewalk behind a cardboard box, muttering to himself. “F**k this,” he said, quietly. Then, louder, “F**k this.” He stood abruptly, ripped off his gorilla mask and threw it to the ground. “F**K THIS,” […]

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I Know, Darling

When our receptionist is on the phone, any overflow calls ring through to the back office.  I picked up one of these calls. “Thank you for calling, this is Lauren.” “Hello, Lauren.  I was wondering what kind of work was going for HC drivers.” Typically, people with a Heavy Combination licence are in demand, so […]

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Don’t Tell Me What to Do

I had another contender for the Darwin Awards at work last week. On Wednesday, I tried to book an induction appointment with an electrician.  He was due to come in at eight a.m. the following day, so I told him what he needed to bring.  Basic information, such as banking details, qualifications, and a birth […]

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