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Cafe Clasico, San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Local Haunts in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

San Telmo quickly overwhelmed me with choice. If I wanted a coffee, there were ten cafes to choose from, all within a stone’s throw of the apartment. There were at least 3 grocery stores, more fruit shops and bakeries than I cared to count, and a place to have a decent beer everywhere I turned. […]

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Fake windows in Recoleta

Putting on the Ritz in Recoleta

Believe it or not, six weeks is kind of a long time to be in Buenos Aires. Not too long – we were still enjoying ourselves, but running out of ideas that didn’t involve food, alcohol, or unnecessary amounts of money. “Hey,” Jared said, one sparkling afternoon, when the sun was practically begging us to […]

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Old Habits Die Hard

Obviously, I’m still bowing at people. I pretend not to notice when they’re confused. ‘Does this girl have a nervous tic?,’ they’re probably thinking. When people give me change, I bow, ever-so-slightly. When someone says ‘Buen dia’ to me, I give a head bow. When we said goodbye to our Spanish teacher for the last […]

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A Typical Weekend in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Jared and I are creatures of habit. I wish I could say that we’re spontaneous, all the time, but the truth is, we’re not. These six weeks in San Telmo have been a period of transition; kind of like being in limbo. In order to give ourselves some sort of anchor or feeling of purpose, […]

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Jueves a la Mesa…And Then She Brought Out The Chocolate

Confession: I miss people. The funny thing about traveling as a couple is that even though you’re always with somebody, the two of you often wind up alone together. You stay in apartments or double rooms, you’ve got a ready-made travel buddy, and you don’t reach out to other travelers the way you do when […]

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Going To Jail In San Telmo

There’s a prison around the corner from our apartment, and it’s open to the public. By the way, it’s a museum. Did I forget to mention that? It’s a prison museum, or, if you speak Spanish like I wish I did, Museo Penitenciario. Museums don’t really light a fire under my feet these days. I’ve […]

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