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The Treats of Tilcara

Tilcara was hot and everything was tinged with a blinding shade of dust. The mountains, the buildings, the streets, the dogs – it was all dusty. I felt like I’d stepped through the TV into the wild west. But instead of a six shooter, I was packing a laptop, and instead of horses, there were […]

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Crossing the Border Part 1: Aguas Blancas, Argentina

The problems started when I sat down in my assigned seat on the bus from Tilcara to Aguas Blancas. It was one a.m. I was tired. I was ready to recline, and threw my body into the seat. BAM. I collided with the unmoving seat back like a bird slamming into a picture window. “Lame.” […]

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Taking a Break in Salta, Argentina

I’m writing this from our bed-on-the-floor in a hostel in Sucré, Bolivia, waiting for the water tank to fill up so I can have a shower. Before we started this trip, I had big plans – I was going to stay up to date on my travels through the blog, practically in real time. That […]

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Going Out of the Way for Iguazu Falls

Iguazú Falls was out of our way. I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to go – 13 hours from Rosario to Iguazú, then 24 hours of solid bus to get from Iguazú to Salta on the other side of the country. Yes, it’s a world heritage site, but let’s be honest – it’s a bunch […]

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Recent ruins of San Ignacio

Getting Past Arrival Limbo in San Ignacio

The San Ignacio Miní bus terminal is a glorified parking lot just off the highway. There’s a kiosk, an empty restaurant, two tables of not-so-fresh sandwiches for sale, and about six bus parking spots. The town isn’t visible from the terminal; it’s across Route 12 and up a softly sloping dirt road. We’d just gotten […]

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Rosario in a Nutshell

If it hadn’t been for our tickets to the Wallabies-Pumas rugby match, I’m not sure that I would have wanted to go to Rosario. It’s Argentina’s third largest city, a statistic which, if anything, makes it less appealing. But we stayed five nights there, and even though it rained the whole time, I grew to […]

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