Hiking Karijini

Achieving Goals in Karijini National Park

I wondered how good Karijini National Park could actually be. We’d just visited Litchfield and Kakadu. Beautiful gorges? Tick. Dramatic waterfalls? Seen ’em. What did Karijini have that those parks didn’t have that would justify a six-hour drive off the coast?

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Broome's beach

Broome: One of My Favorite Stops in Western Australia

Broome was high on my list of places to visit when we planned this trip. It’s an old pearling town in the north of Western Australia, right on the edge of the Kimberley. Ever seen those photos from Australia of camels on the beach at sunset? That’s Broome.

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Wave Rock, Hyden WA

The Tail End of 2017

IT’S NOVEMBER. I’m shocked. I was shocked when I saw Halloween decorations three days ago in Woolworths, and I was shocked the next day when I saw them in the bargain bin, replaced by mince pies and fruitcake.

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Woman swims in El Questro waterfall

Skipping the Gibb River Road

I wanted to see the rumored beauty of the Kimberley’s remote regions, but what I wanted even more was to avoid horrible dirt roads.

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Seafood laksa in sand at Darwin

Two Weeks in Darwin

“It’s like putting a hair dryer in a bathtub. I like hair dryers and I like bathtubs, but the two just don’t go together. I’m the hair dryer and Darwin is the bathtub.”

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Crocodile jumps for meat

Jumping Crocodiles of the Adelaide River

When a croc’s jaws are a few feet away from your face it’s hard to feel completely safe, even if you’re on a boat and he’s in the water.

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