You Have to Go to the Flinders

Practically under threat of death, we made an obligatory stop at South Australia’s magnificent Flinders Ranges.

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Back on the Road: Adelaide to Melrose

If you have never heard a screeching galah, it sounds like this SKREEEBLAARREEBLA.

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Portsea Mornington

Camping on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula

The existence of the Mornington Peninsula was brand new information to me, which is baffling considering how close it is to Melbourne. There it was hiding under Melbourne’s cloak, just far enough away to hover under the foreign tourist radar. Melburnians are well aware of Mornington and regularly make the 90-minute drive to this beachy […]

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One step closer to Aussie citizenship

My citizenship appointment is TODAY. I’ve been taking the online practice test at random for the last few years, but now I’m starting to get nervous because this is the real thing. There’s a booklet you can download called ‘Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond,’ which contains all of the information you could be tested on. […]

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Autumn leaves

Adventures in Adelaide Supermarkets

The world’s best supermarket is one kilometer from my work. This isn’t hyperbole; the Frewville Foodland has received the International Retailer of the Year Excellence Award at the IGA Conference for two years running, and the local media has interpreted that as ‘world’s best.’ I finally visited last week, and was predictably overwhelmed. It is […]

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Giant boulders victoria

Going to (Wilsons) Prom in Victoria

Wilsons Promontory—known as ‘the Prom’—was one of the many places in Australia I’d never heard of. It’s the southernmost point of the mainland, and you can drive there from Melbourne in less than four hours. And drive there you should, because it’s stunning. We went on a whim because we had a spare day before […]

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