My 7 Sort-Of Super Shots

The lovely Arianwen over at Beyond Blighty recently tagged me to participate in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots, so in today’s post I’ll do just that.

I realized a few things while I was going over my photographs, all taken with pretty basic point-and-shoot cameras.

1) I’m a writer, not a photographer.

2) All of my photos from before 2008 are on a CD that currently lives in a box at my parents’ house. So that means no photos from that year in New Zealand.

3) I obviously eat my food first and take photos second. Severely lacking choice in the food photography category.

4) If you asked me tomorrow, I’d probably come up with 7 completely different shots.

But I did manage to choose my 7 shots for today, so here goes nothing.


A Photo That…

Takes My Breath Away

Old Leanach cottage, Culloden Battlefield, Scotland

I know, I know. Kind of a weird choice.

This is the old Leanach cottage, the lone building that stands on the site of the Battle of Culloden. It was one of Scotland‘s bloodiest battles, fought at the height of the Jacobite rebellion. Something about the colors – the dying autumn leaves, the ominous winter sky rolling in – makes me catch my breath. Just a little.

Makes Me Laugh or Smile

Niek chasing down the Yaks in Mongolia

Niek was one half of a Dutch couple we met during a tour of central Mongolia. We came across these yaks grazing in a field and he was determined to get a photo, even if it meant chasing them down. No yaks were harmed in the taking of this photograph.

Makes Me Dream

Haleiwa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Sunsets and Hawaii. Two things that make me dream on their own, but put them together and BAM. I’m lost in a reverie. This was taken at Hale’iwa Beach in Oahu, moments before Jared and I announced our engagement to our families. That probably makes me like it just a little bit more.

Makes Me Think

Berlin, Germany

Confession: initially this photo made me think because I couldn’t remember where in Berlin it was taken. I thought really hard for about 30 seconds before I turned to Google, which of course held all the answers.

I can now tell you that it’s the Neue Wache, or New Guard House in Berlin. The sculpture is called Mother with her Dead Son, and the hole above is strategically placed to expose her to the changing seasons. It makes me feel the way I felt all through Berlin – stunned into contemplative silence.

Makes My Mouth Water

Dalkgalbi - Chuncheon - South Korea

I had three photos to choose from for this category: a blurry picture of Belgian waffles and a stomach-churning photo of a half-demolished deep dish pizza from Chicago.

You can see why I went with the dalkgalbi. This is my favorite Korean food, a combination of chicken, cabbage, spicy chili paste, sweet potatoes, and rice cakes. When you’re nearly finished, the best thing to do is order a side of rice, which gets mixed into the dregs and goes all crispy in the pan. It is so delicious. This particular dalkgalbi is from Myeong Dong Dalkgalbi in Chuncheon’s ‘famous’ Dalkgalbi street.

Tells a Story

Tala Village, Bandhavgarh, India

These little girls were bouncing off the walls when they saw us, all smiles as they begged for a photo. I was conflicted at first, because I knew the drill – take a photo and suddenly you’ll be hit up for money. But we were in the isolated village of Tala, near Bandhavgarh National Park in India. Maybe they were just excited, I reasoned. As soon as I acquiesced and raised my camera, they went completely still. Their smiles disappeared and they turned completely solemn.

And as soon as I showed them the picture, the older one asked me for some money.

I Am Most Proud Of (AKA my worthy of National Geographic shot)

London, Thames, England, UK

OK, so National Geographic‘s not going to be banging down my door anytime soon. This photo is more personal than printable, but I’ve always loved it. London was one of my first travel infatuations, and this captures so many elements of the city for me. The clock tower on the right, the Thames flowing through the middle, and the modern addition of the London Eye dominating the left side of the frame. Top it off with a watercolor sunset and it’s one of those photos that I look at and sigh.

Tag. You’re it.

I’m not sure who has and hasn’t done this, so I’ll just fire at random here. Let’s see some Super Shots from the following bloggers, if they’re interested:

Kate Fitzpatrick (OK, she’s not a travel blogger AND she’s my sister, but she takes some darn good photos and has done her fair share of traveling, so I want to see what she’s got.)

Jillian & Danny of I Should Log Off (Though I imagine they’ve got WAY too many photos to choose from!)

Rachel & Jeff of World Flavor (Counting on something drool-worthy for the food pic.)

Sarah Walker of The Sarah Walker Fan Club (All right, she’s my cousin, but she’s HILARIOUS.)

Sheryll of The Wanderlust Project (Because she takes amazing photos that always make me dream!)

8 Responses to “My 7 Sort-Of Super Shots”

  1. Lovely shot of London! I’ve lived here six years but I rarely have my camera on me. I should put a day aside just to be a tourist here before I leave. The yak-chasing one made me smile too! 🙂

    • Thanks! London’s a great place to be a tourist (minus the exchange rate). You should take full advantage during the summer, especially during the Olympic build-up!

  2. Mmm, dalkgalbi. Nice pictures! Thanks for the tag. I will try to analyze which of my food photos is most drool-worthy… 🙂

    • Yes! I’ll be sure to check out your photos. I’m going to make it a point to slow down and take a photo before I wolf down my food in future!

  3. Too many photos? There is no such thing!


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