It’s a Hard Knock Life

Right now I’m in Mljet, and I was happy to find that the lone hotel here has free wireless. I am sitting in the bar area, Toni Braxton is singing ‘Unbreak My Heart,’ and I am having a break from the sun, which is going full speed outside.

There are about 28 people on my boat, and we’re crammed into tiny cabins all over the boat, which isn’t an issue as all of our time is spent out on the deck. Mljet is experiencing some sort of unusual boat boom right now, and we are docked seven or eight boats out, which means passing through other boats to get to shore. I got off, realized I forgot my converter, and had to go back and do it again. As it turns out, I hadn’t forgotten my converter. I had it the whole time. So the moral is: don’t forget anything. And if you do, make sure you actually forgot it before going back to retrieve it.

It’s been complete bliss, all 36 hours of it – I got up with the breakfast bell (I’m like a farm animal, the promise of food always gets me moving) and then hit the deck for a morning nap. It was quiet for a while, as about half the boat didn’t get in until five AM, two hours before departure. Eventually the top deck was covered in dozing sunbathers, and every chair was full under the umbrella on the middle deck.

As promised, I tried some unusual food – for me, coming from Indiana, it is unusual, though I know many people will disagree. Despite my reaction, it really did taste pretty decent. Tomorrow we sail to Dubrovnik, and the buzz is spreading about this place so the excitement only continues…


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