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Another Roadside Attraction at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show

The Sydney Royal Easter Show brings Australia’s country smack dab to the heart of its largest city. For two weeks of every year since 1823, cows, trucks, crafts, rides, food, and people have converged on the showgrounds at Sydney’s Olympic Park for a finger-lickin’ good time. And I was one of them, except I wasn’t […]

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On the beach

Jill of All Trades

Australia taught me what it means to be a working holidaymaker. The country is practically designed for backpackers; sun, beaches, beer, friendly locals and work available everywhere – as long as you’re not too picky. It’s the only country I’ve lived in where I’ve never signed a lease, spending nearly a year as a long-term […]

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Not Long Now – Aren’t You Excited?

Friday is my last day at work. I have had a lot of last days of work over the past six years – a rough calculation indicates approximately 17. As a result, I cannot generate the appropriate emotional response about leaving the place where I’ve spent 40 hours a week over the last six months. […]

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I Know, Darling

When our receptionist is on the phone, any overflow calls ring through to the back office.  I picked up one of these calls. “Thank you for calling, this is Lauren.” “Hello, Lauren.  I was wondering what kind of work was going for HC drivers.” Typically, people with a Heavy Combination licence are in demand, so […]

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Don’t Tell Me What to Do

I had another contender for the Darwin Awards at work last week. On Wednesday, I tried to book an induction appointment with an electrician.  He was due to come in at eight a.m. the following day, so I told him what he needed to bring.  Basic information, such as banking details, qualifications, and a birth […]

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Girl Friday

In my current job at a labour hire company, I interview a colourful range of people.  Today I was asked to pinch hit for one of the recruiters and conduct a flexibility screening on a woman who was interviewing for a traffic controller position. The flex screening is designed to make sure everyone is physically […]

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