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The Worst Karaoke Song Ever

My cousin Sarah, a Florida native, has lived in New York City for 9 years. I trust her judgement. So after a rousing Mexican feast at Blockhead’s on the upper west side, she suggested that we hit a local dive bar and I readily agreed. “It’s kind of a weird mix of locals, travelers, and […]

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And Our Next Destination Is…

Sometimes, life moves at an astonishing speed. This is never truer than it is when I come back to the US, and this time around I’ve learned it all over again. What? Didn’t realize I was in the US? I know. I’m waaaay behind on the real-time blogging. I kind of thought that these three […]

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Wassailing in the Midwest

Hello. I’ve dropped off the radar lately, and I’ll tell you why. The holidays are insane. Being home is insane. I thought I was exhausted from South America, but two weeks in the Midwest has knocked me down and basically laughed in my face. In a good way, of course. I last left off in […]

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Whales May Surface Suddenly Ahead of Your Vessel

I have this thing about whales. They’re awesome. I saw them in the wild for the first time from a dive boat in Coffs Harbour, Australia and was absolutely gobsmacked. Here they were, swimming alongside our boat, doing their whale things like diving and shooting bursts of air from their blowholes. When my mom and […]

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Sisters at the summit of haleakala

It’s All Downhill From Here

The bike ride was my dad’s idea. “It’s 26 miles, all downhill. You won’t even have to pedal,” he reassured us. Actually, it’s more like 23 miles. Inexperienced cyclists kept getting hurt on the twisted roads at the summit of Maui’s Haleakala volcano, so they made a new rule that the bike tours had to […]

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Travel Blogging: A Love Story

My friends always joked that I was going to meet some guy on my travels who would sweep me off my feet. I laughed and said I hoped it would be an Australian. Even still, I think we were all a little bit surprised when that’s exactly what happened. Jared and I met in Bruges, […]

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