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Seagrass shark bay

More Than Sharks in Shark Bay

This is the part where you think I’m going to say “that’s a common misconception, there aren’t any sharks in Shark Bay.” Well that would be a lie.

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Quobba camping

Red Bluff, WA: How’s the Serenity?

All of this aside, Red Bluff was one of the most memorable stops of our entire trip. It felt like being dropped on a different planet, where the only human inhabitants were surfers.

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baby quokka sits

Just a Bunch of Photos of Quokkas

Everybody could use a little more quokka in their life, so I’ve put together this post for you.

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Beer sampler

The Weird Thing I Started Doing in 2017

On the first day of 2017 I started a bullet journal. My initial intentions were to use it as a daily planner and accountability tool, where I wrote down goals and important dates. Over time, it evolved into something else.

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Camper trailer on the beach

Three Camping Options for Your Aussie Road Trip

Jared and I talked a lot about what we would do differently if we knew then what we knew now about traveling Australia. Our original plan for this trip was to get a Troopy, and if we had our time again we probably would have looked for one.

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Jetty Moonta

The Breaking Point

In the end, it wasn’t an ant invasion that broke me. It wasn’t the unseasonably cool weather, the cost of fuel, or the tiny scorpion I found crawling up my arm. It was the extension cord.

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