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Travel Memoirs and Sailing Ships

Officially, I have written four drafts of my travel memoir. Unofficially? When you add up the re-written bits and pieces, the number is probably closer to forty. As I prepare to fine-tune my proposal and query letter for the next round of agent-hunting, the doubts once again settle in. What if this is crap? The […]

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Finding Motivation in My Muesli

Yesterday I made my own muesli. It’s not hard, but it made me feel extremely accomplished. I make muesli. I don’t even have to buy my own cereal now. (Also: it tastes kind of great.) It’s not the kind of thing you can talk about during a review, unfortunately. Boss: So, we’ve checked your Internet […]

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Possessions of Travel

The day we left Buenos Aires I faced the task of slashing my possessions by half. We’d flown in from Korea with two backpacks and one large suitcase, telling ourselves that we had six weeks to get rid of the suitcase. The zippers were broken and no way were we dragging that thing around South […]

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US Perceptions of Australia

Australia is a very easy country to stereotype if you’ve never been here. For the three weeks that we were in the Midwest, a number of common perspectives about Australia emerged, which can be broken down into two main categories: Creatures That Will Kill You and Creatures That Are Cute But Weird. Additional categories include […]

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Escaping Routine in Anna Bay

One of the reasons I travel is to escape routine. Ironic, then, that routine is one of the things I miss when I’m on the move. For example, I recognize that I have an unusual (or so I’m told) obsession with breakfast. Every day I eat a bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon, coconut, chopped walnuts, […]

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Newcastle NSW beaches panoramic

The Write Stuff: A Return to Blogging

I feel like it’s time to do some blog housekeeping. What have I been doing besides visiting the US? Is this still a travel blog now that I’m all married and mortgaged up? What’s the deal with the loooong lag between posts? How about that book? For the past two years my motivation to write […]

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