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Travel Supermarket is running a blogging photography contest called Capture the Color, and I was nominated to participate by SuperBloggers Amanda of Farsickness, Beverly of Pack Your Passport, and Rachel of World Flavor.

The competition is stiff, but at the end of the day, it was really fun to go through my pictures and see how color dominated many of the shots. If you’ve got a blog and would like to participate, go for it! You don’t have to be nominated to take part, and you could win £2,000 for travel or an iPad.

So here we go:


Mongolian Restaurant

Waiter…there’s a fly in my soup. Waiter? Waiter?

Central Mongolia isn’t exactly an overcrowded place, as this restaurant can attest to. On this day the owner hosted five foreign guests, our tour guide, and our driver. We instantly filled all available seats. There was no menu, but after hearing that we were a bit sick of mutton, she whipped up a steaming pot of vegetable soup. I’m not sure what cast the blue glow over the room, but it was a peaceful place to have lunch.


Kells Priory

It reassures me that Ireland really is as green as its reputation.

Ireland’s Kells Priory has been around since 1193, and it shows. Fortunately, the priory has aged gracefully, and looks distinguished even in ruin. The National Monument is about 15 kilometers south of Kilkenny, and difficult to reach unless you have your own transport. We were the only people there – no entrance fee, no ticket takers, no tourists. It was like my very own playground, where the only colors you can see are green and grey.


Bundi Palace, Bundi, Rajasthan, India

Yellow’s actually a rather becoming color for a palace.

Bundi was one of my favorite places in India, and this palace was a big part of that. The monkeys, however, were not. From a safe place on the roof of our guesthouse, I spent most of my time gazing at this giant yellow-tinged palace, hoping the monkeys wouldn’t deign to come over during their twice-daily migration.


New Delhi, India

Sometimes I forget that there are varying shades of white.

Whenever possible, Jared and I like to walk to our destination within a city. On the way to Connaught Place in New Delhi, we turned off of a busy road to find this quiet neighborhood. No autorickshaws, no cows, no honking – just the whitest sheets in all of India, hanging innocently on the line.


Galway Bay, Galway, Ireland

Quick – which house catches your eye first? That’s right. The red one.

This row of houses make up a street in Galway, Ireland called The Long Walk. When I first moved to Galway, I looked at a bedroom in the stone house to the left of the red one. It was bare, all concrete and wood, the farthest thing from my definition of cozy. But I still considered it, mainly because of its proximity to that little red house. Six years later, Jared and I returned to Galway and I was so pleased to see that the little red house was still there holding court.

As part of the game, I get to nominate five bloggers, so here are some of my favorites:

Show us what you’ve got!


6 Responses to “Capture The Color”

  1. Love the blue restaurant and that they didn’t have a menu. Looks like a quaint place for a lunch 🙂

    • It was! We were wary at first, as it really was in the middle of nowhere and next to an abandoned horse stable. But once the soup came out, all worries dissolved.

  2. Love your white shot. Can’t believe there is a quiet neighborhood in India with no honking.

  3. Really interesting shots. They’re very original! That little red house is so cute! And I love how random some restaurants are in foreign places. It really adds to the experience I think.

    • Thanks! I love that little house so much. Originally I had it as a black & white shot with just the red sticking out, but I think it still stands out against the color of the other houses.

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